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Dear Mr Jackson:

I wish to Thank You Very Much for the Totally Unexpected Mail Today! The Check is Really Appreciated! A Record Disc would be Fine for Me, as I will just File it! I used some of My Award Funds to help Two Grandsons with School $$$, and Their Parents, and Banked what was left after Paying Off My Home Mortgage and Car Payment Balance! I have never been Debt Free with My Home and Motor Vehicle paid for, until Now! Just saying Thank You for All of Your Help and Concerns over Me and My Situation, and the Award, seems so inadequate! I will never Forget You for Your Care and Kindness to Me!!!

Very Sincerely,
BOB Robert E Keay



Good morning,
My name is Francis Fogwill, I’m a Vietnam vet. I’ve had an ongoing claim with veterans benefits for quite a while. I wasn’t happy with the way my claim process was going, when I was trying to do it myself so, I hired Mr Jackson and his firm and I’ve been more than pleased.

He’s made it a point to explain everything to me in a very timely manner, up to and including what I would be looking at in my next hearing, possible benefits that I may be eligible for. He’s been more than helpful in helping me find information from sources I never even knew I would be able to get any information from.

It’s been going on for a quite a while now, as a matter of fact today I sit in his office having just come down to meet with him on short notice some might say. As of yesterday the appointment was made. He kindly made time in his busy schedule and my wife and I sat down with attorney Jackson and a couple of his associates and discussed the containing merits of my case and where we stand.

I would more than recommend his firm to anyone dealing with veterans benefits. I would have given up a long time ago and thanks to him I have not, and I am very pleased with the results. Look my name up in a phone book or anything and I’ll be more than happy to tell anybody what a great firm it is. Thank you!


Horace Whetstone, talks about how Jackson & MacNichol Attorneys at Law helped him increase his VA disability compensation from 40% to 100%.


My name is Horace Whetstone and Jackson and MacNichol have been representing me for approximately five years now.

At the time they started representing me, I was only at about 40% disability, and from that time on, they have worked very hard and very diligently to get me up to 100% disability.

Without their help and without their continuous effort, I don’t feel I’d be at this point. At no time have I called them, and did not receive a call back. Never were they too busy, to discuss the claims I had put in. They’re as far as I’m concerned, one of the most caring people, lawyers that I have ever come in contact with, and I’d recommend them to anyone that needs some assistance in working with the VA, in getting a decision on their claims.

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