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Why You Need Lawyers Specializing in Veterans Claims; Apply for Your Benefits

Published on May 29th, 2018

As a veteran with a service-related injury, you may be looking to file a claim to get the compensation for which you qualify. You can either submit the claim on your own, find an attorney to help you or work with lawyers specializing in veterans’ claims. Your chances of getting your benefits are much higher with the latter. Here are a few reasons why.

Ability to Make an Initial Assessment

Not every disability case is destined to succeed. If the disability or condition is not service-related or was due to being in a military prison, being AWOL, or for a veteran dishonorably discharged, no number of appeals can change the rules. An experienced and specialized lawyer can assess a case and determine whether it’s worth pursuing or appealing. If it is not, they have no trouble declining. Wouldn’t you rather know your odds of success upfront than to put time and effort into something that is unlikely to work out? An experienced lawyer has handled many claims and appeals and knows the likelihood of success.

Knowledge of Different Benefits Available

There are several different types of benefits depending on the nature of the disability and other related factors. A veteran must know which one to claim, and a specialist lawyer is more likely to have in-depth knowledge and experience about which claim to make. There is compensation for pensioners, total disability, spouses of deceased veterans, and monthly compensation for those with current disabilities. Each case needs supporting evidence and must meet the set criteria. Your lawyer should be able to direct you to which type of compensation you qualify for and what kind of evidence and documentation you would need to provide.

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