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How Long Can You Expect To Wait For Your Veterans Benefits?

Published on May 12th, 2017

With the number of claims that are made every year for veteran’s disability benefits, it is easy to see why it takes such a long time to process any given one. In 2012 the wait was eight months, it is much longer now. Independent studies have shown that the average wait across the country is close to 280 days, in New York is closer to one year. Although veterans benefits attorneys in New York cannot necessarily speed up the processing of your claim what they can do is to ensure that your claim is complete and it will not be returned for lack of supporting evidence.

Many delays are due to difficulties gathering evidence:

There are numerous reasons for delays; in many cases the Department of Veterans Affairs are reluctant to share their medical records with the Department of Defense and private practitioners. Things are bound to get better; the VA is attempting to streamline the sharing of pertinent data with an electronic data base. If and when this system becomes operational, disabled veterans will be able to access their own records online. What is important is that once you decide to claim benefits that you don’t delay.

What is the solution?

Some of the problems are beyond you and out of your control but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do everything you can to speed things up. Many veterans have found that hiring veterans benefits lawyers in New York is a wise move.

When you finally get ready to apply, it is up to you and your lawyer to ensure that everything is there; checked and double-checked. Keep on it, your lawyer should be in a position to keep you posted on the progress of your claim.

Chances are your application will be delayed if something is missing; benefits may even be outright denied and if your application goes to appeal it can take considerably longer again. Stay on it and get good attorneys.

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