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What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury is a condition that has been slowly more understood over the last few years. What happens when you’re exposed to a serious explosion or a fall in a bed injury or even a head injury without a fall is that your brain actually moves inside your head — the brain sort of floats in liquid. And the result is to literally bounce the brain inside your skull with potential damage to the brain tissue.

And what happens in a traumatic brain injury case is that the damage to the brain results in various limitations on how the brain functions and can vary dramatically depending on the severity of the blow and where in the brain the actual injury is. Different areas result in different problems, but it can be relatively minor or can be quite severe. People with severe traumatic brain injury for example, often have trouble with organization with memory with decision-making.

Many times these in certain incidents are accompanied by post event headaches or just a general feeling that you not functioning right.

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