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Veterans (VA) Disability Claims For Radiation

There are certain circumstances where veterans who were exposed to ionizing radiation while serving in the United States military can get VA benefits. Radiation exposure can occur in a variety of ways as it can pass through skin, be inhaled, or swallowed. Radiation exposure can occur when exposed to x-rays, gamma rays and other types of ultraviolet electromagnetic rays. It is harmful to humans and can cause damage to DNA cells.

Confirming Radiation Exposure

When a veteran has been exposed to a form of radiation, it will be contained in their military records. There are different types of VA benefits available to veterans who have been exposed to radiation. However, to complete a service-connected claim for ionizing radiation exposure, three conditions must be met including:

  • The exposure must have occurred during a specific event or circumstance occurring during active military service.
  • The veteran must have developed a radiogenic disease.
  • The radiogenic disease must have been developed within a specific time period.

If these three conditions are met, lawyers for veterans disability claims can file on behalf of the veteran who may be eligible to receive disability benefits.

Types of Benefits Available for Veterans

Veterans who develop a disease after service-related ionizing radiation can be the recipient of different types of benefits. The possibilities include:

  • Healthcare benefits and treatment for long-term health problems caused by exposure to radiation.
  • Veterans who are able to prove the three different requirements listed above are eligible for monetary disability compensation.
  • When a veteran succumbs to a disease that was caused by ionizing radiation exposure, a spouse, dependent children and parents may be able to receive survivor benefits.
  • The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act provides benefits for veterans who did develop a disease after exposure when it occurred during weapon testings.

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