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Can I Get VA Benefits for Hypertension?

Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, may qualify you for VA benefits if it is related to the time you spent in the United States military. It is important to explain your situation to a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced VA attorney. Talking to a lawyer for a VA disability claim can help you determine if you may be eligible for compensation for hypertension.

Types of VA Benefits for Hypertension

The VA certainly offers some types of benefits for hypertension if it can be connected to your service in the military. Veterans may get compensation on a monthly basis, money to help care for dependent children or parents as well as access to VA healthcare to treat hypertension and its side effects.

Proving Service-Related Hypertension

A VA disability lawyer from Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices can help you prove military service-related high blood pressure so you can get any compensation you are due. You will need medical evidence to present to your lawyer for a VA disability claim. We will also need to be able to prove your condition is the result of your military service.

The VA provides a rating scale to determine how much compensation veterans can receive. Veterans who take any kind of medication to manage service-related hypertension are usually given at least a 10% disability rating, which results in some VA benefits. In most cases, if a veteran was diagnosed with hypertension while on active duty, or if they received the diagnosis within a year of their discharge, it can be attributed to military service and the veteran can get some compensation.

It’s important to consult with attorneys for VA disability claims before filing your initial claim. Lawyers at Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices can help you file so you can learn the types of VA benefits you may be due.

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