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Veterans Benefits for Anxiety Disorder

Veterans often develop anxiety disorders after they experience trauma while serving in the United States military. This can occur in any type of high-stress situation including transitioning from military to civilian life. When veterans develop severe anxiety, it can be long-lasting and disrupt normal activities. A lawyer for veterans disability from Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices can help you navigate the complicated process of filing for disability benefits.

Obtaining VA Disability Benefits for Anxiety

If you are a veteran and suffer from anxiety caused by your military service, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation. You’ll have to be examined by a medical professional to determine the level of disruption to your normal daily activities anxiety causes. The more severe your level of anxiety, the more compensation you can receive. Minimal disruption to your daily activities will receive less money each month while more compensation is given to veterans whose anxiety is a major disruptor to activities of daily life.

Anxiety may also be a secondary condition caused by another service-related condition. For instance, PTSD can be analyzed by the VA and it can be the basis of a claim filed for disability benefits. Anxiety may or may not be a secondary condition to an already existing service-related disability you are already being compensated for.

A VA disability claim attorney can help you prove your anxiety is related to your military service. They can also help prove the severity of the anxiety you are suffering so you can get the disability benefits you deserve.

Contact a Lawyer For Veterans Disability

Having a knowledgeable and thorough VA disability benefits lawyer from Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices can help you with the claims process. An attorney familiar with anxiety claims can help you prepare for the process and navigate through the complex rules and guidelines to give you a better chance of approval. Call us today to obtain the assistance of a VA disability claim attorney.

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