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A VA Disability Attorney in South Portland Can Help You With Your Appeal

Published on October 14th, 2019

Applying for VA disability benefits is an arduous process that must be done in a specific way in order for you to successfully receive benefits. When you need these benefits to support your family, it’s crucial to make sure that the process is done correctly. If you are in this situation and require a helping hand, it’s best to use a VA disability attorney who specializes in this area of law. Our attorneys have experience and are dedicated to representing you throughout your whole case.

Utilize An Experienced VA Disability Attorney

By utilizing an experienced VA disability attorney, you’ll have a legal representative by your side who has the knowledge that’s required to fully explain all of the ramifications that are associated with your disability rating. They can help establish when you first became disabled and guide you through the complete process.

A Dedicated Representative

When you seek the assistance from our attorney, you’ll have a legal representative who can assist you with all aspects of your case. If you are denied VA benefits through your initial application or have received incorrect information, it helps to utilize an attorney who specializes in this specific area. They can help you with your case if you decide to file an appeal.

VA Accredited

You’re only able to use a VA accredited attorney to represent you as a veteran in your disability case. This means that the attorney you use has been trained to specialize in cases dealing with the VA. The process can be frustrating and take a long time due to the abundant amount of paperwork, doctor visits, and information requests that must be completed. You’ll be in good hands when you get help from an accredited attorney. If you’re ready to apply for VA disability benefits or need help with an appeal, be sure to contact Jackson & MacNichol today.

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