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Do You Need VA Disability? If So, Hire an Attorney

Published on February 15th, 2018

Filing for disability with the VA can be a stressful process. You may be injured physically or emotionally while simultaneously facing financial hardship at home. In most cases, it is recommended that you file the initial claim first and see what happens. If you get a denial letter, you should appeal it with a Notice of Disagreement (NOD). Your VSO office can help you get the appropriate forms to do this. It is at the point at which you’ve filed the appeal that you may want to hire an attorney.

Why Wait?

While you do not need to wait to hire legal representation, lawyers cannot request payment until you have officially been denied your benefits. Because of this, lawyers may not want to represent you until this happens. Otherwise, they are working for free.

However, most attorneys do not get paid anything until you win your case, which means you don’t need to worry about paying them until this happens. So if you have no extra money, you can still hire an attorney for VA disability appeals.

Is Hiring A Professional Worth It?

You are not required to hire a lawyer for help with your appeal. However, the legalities are challenging and complex to battle on your own. If you make even one small mistake, the Department of Veterans Affairs can deny your appeal. Although you have multiple appeals available to you, it also means that you’re waiting longer to receive the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Veterans may have to wait up to six months before hearing the initial decision. At this point, if they must appeal it, the process can take up to two more years. Your attorney can use that time to build a stronger case for you and prove your disability, which means you have an increased chance in winning your appeal.

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