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Hiring VA Disability Appeal Lawyers

Published on November 28th, 2017

Veterans that apply for disability benefits are in for a long wait if their claim is denied. Under these circumstances, hiring VA disability appeal lawyers to help navigate the complexities of the system can eliminate much of the hassle and potentially get your benefits much quicker than if you were to appeal without legal assistance. It is not that a lawyer can speed the process up, but what they will do is to ensure the appeal is strong and well-documented with useful and sufficient evidence.

When you need to consider hiring a lawyer:

At one time, you could not engage with a lawyer until the VA made their final decision on your claim. The system is different now and although you have to prepare the initial application for benefits, you can now hire VA disability appeal lawyers as soon as you are told that you have been denied. The appeals process is not easy, so it is wise to consult a lawyer when you plan your appeal or if you are unhappy with the rating you were assigned.

Interviewing the lawyer:

Not every lawyer can represent veterans with their benefits appeal. Disability appeal lawyers must be recognized by the VA and they must maintain their status by engaging in continuous education on VA matters. Your lawyers must fully represent your interests. You may wish to ask a few pertinent questions, such as:

  • How many years have you been representing disabled veterans?
  • Will you strive to get me the highest possible disability rating?
  • Will you stay with me through the entire appeals process?

Do not be confused when you find many lawyers that represent those that are disabled, most focus on social security. You should choose VA disability appeal lawyers to help you, as they have unique knowledge and insight into the complex world of the VA.

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