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Published on February 18th, 2020

When you signed up to serve your country, you made a promise, hoping that your nation would keep its promises in return. If you were injured, or suffered physical or mental trauma, your nation owes you the care you deserve. If you are being denied your benefits, you need an advocate you can trust. That means you need a veterans benefits lawyer in New York that can help any veteran nationwide. That law firm is Jackson and MacNichol.

Our crack team of attorneys and legal experts have helped veterans from across the nation get the benefits they deserve. Whether you have been denied part of your compensation or the entire package, we can stand with you in getting what you are owed for your service to your country. With thousands of hours of expertise on your side, you receive the best advice and a loyal advocate.

You deserve the best veterans benefits lawyer that New York can offer, no matter where your service was. Our consultation has no hidden fees, and we listen to you describe your injuries. Since we know the details of benefit law and policy, we then put our specialists to work at getting you every resource available to you.

If you have PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, or any other injury, we can make sure all of your needs are dealt with. You are only asking for what you were promised. You did your part. Now let us help you get the agencies meant to care for you do theirs.

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