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Choose The Right Advocate For Your VA Disability Claim Appeal

Published on November 30th, 2017

If you suffer from a disability as a result of your military service, you may be eligible for compensation. You have the right to process the claim yourself, use the services of a veterans service officer, retain an accredited claims agent or hire seasoned veterans benefits attorneys in New York. It is in your best interest to explore the differences between them.

Veterans service officer:

Most VSOs are volunteers, but even so, most keep themselves abreast of the ever-changing laws that apply to veterans’ disability claims and benefits. Where the VSOs lack is in their organization, rarely do they have the time and capability to maintain the many records that are required to make a claim. If all you want to do is prepare your claim and file it, these people can be helpful.

VA accredited claims agents:

There are three different types of accredited claims agents – those that are independent, those that work closely with financial planners, and those that work for veterans’ benefits attorneys or some field of law. These individuals possess advanced knowledge of the VA and they can help answer simple questions and claims. Unless paired with a dedicated law firm, VA accredited claims agents will have difficulty dealing with complex issues.

VA accredited attorneys:

VSOs and accredited claims agents are great resources when making the initial claim, but you should only seek veterans benefits attorneys for appeals. If your claim was denied and you are of the opinion that the VA made an error, a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can make all the difference. Specialized law firms are masters at seeking and handling evidence and developing a strong appeal.

There is no doubt that for all levels of appeal, VA accredited veterans benefits attorneys in New York are your best bet.

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