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You Can Afford A Veteran’s Benefit Lawyer

Published on January 25th, 2017

As a disabled serviceman or woman, you may be totally focused on providing support for your family, thinking that you can’t afford to hire a veteran’s benefits lawyer to help you get the benefits that you know your rightly deserve. This is not the case! You can afford to have professional legal assistance to help you through the complex rules, regulations and laws that stand between you and your benefits.

You pay when your lawyer wins:

The Department of Veterans Affairs regulates the use of veterans benefits lawyers, these lawyers have to be accredited by the VA and the VA assumes the right to review all agreements between the veteran and the lawyer, this ensures the veteran is not going to be taken advantage of.
The lawyer does not charge any fees when he or she is tasked to represent veterans that are appealing a denial of their benefits. The lawyer works on contingency which simply means that they get paid when you win your benefits on appeal. If you receive back-pay the lawyer receives a certain percentage as their legal fee. If the lawyer fails to win your case, you do not have to pay any legal fees.

Finding the right lawyer:

All veteran’s benefits lawyers must be accredited by the VA. As an accredited lawyer, the VA expects him or her to stay abreast of all developments in an ever changing area of law and procedures.
Of course, your lawyer must be accredited but what is as important is ensuring that your lawyer has considerable experience in dealing with veteran’s disability appeals. The majority of firms will give you the opportunity to discuss your case at no cost, while you are meeting or talking with the lawyer find out what percentage of their law practice is devoted to veteran’s disability and what is their “win rate” for clients that were in a similar situation to you?
Don’t expect to win overnight, ensure your lawyer is someone that will give your case the attention it requires and hire a veteran’s benefit lawyer you feel comfortable with.

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